Episode 40: What is TV criticism, anyway?

What the hell happened to  Game of Thrones ?

What the hell happened to Game of Thrones?

People have a lot of opinions about what it means to have opinions about TV. Who is allowed to criticize TV, and how do you do it well? In this episode, we talk to TV critics Inkoo King (Slate) and Nina Shen Rastogi (Vulture) about what it means to analyze TV in 2019. We're at Peak TV, everything is political, and we are still processing our feelings about Game of Thrones. Also, recaps are dead. Let's talk about TV!

Notes, citations, etc!

Inkoo Kang

Nina Shen Rastogi (and her articles about Game of Thrones for Vulture)

Television Without Pity

How Game of Thrones lost track of Tyrion,” by Inkoo Kang

The Killing (TV series)

The Handmaid’s Tale (TV series)

House of Cards (TV series)

The Good Fight (TV series)

Supergirl (TV series)

The Gifted (TV series)

The Good Place (TV series)

Killing Eve (TV series)

Homeland (TV series)

Beyond Apu: Why are there suddenly so many Indians on TV?” by Nina Shen Rastogi

In Constance Wu, Asian-Americans finally have a diva to call our own,” by Inkoo Kang

The Mindy Project (TV series)

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (TV series)

The Morality Wars,” by Wesley Morris

In Defense of the New Moralizers,” by Inkoo Kang

Crazy Rich Asians (film)

Always Be My Maybe (film)

Looking (TV series)

Annalee Newitz