Episode 23: Sex, lies, and science fiction

VR sex in 1990s classic  Demolition Man .

VR sex in 1990s classic Demolition Man.

Let's talk about sex! In this episode we explore sci-fi tropes about where sex is going in the future, where it seems that we're doomed to become aromantic hedonists or asexual drones. We also talk about the greatest hits of scifi and fantasy sex. Special guest Lux Alptraum talks about her new book, Faking It, about the lies women tell about sex in real life, and where we see those lies popping up in science fiction too.

References, links, etc.:

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Jaron Lanier was an early developer and popularizer of VR, and he writes about that in his memoir Dawn of the New Everything

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Lux Alptraum website and Twitter

Lux Alptraum, Faking It: The Lies Women Tell About Sex—and the Truths They Reveal

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Consentacle board game

Research Hole:

Charlie Jane Anders: Sequels and spinoffs from Get Smart.

Annalee Newitz: The “first bakers” from Archaeology’s 10 most important discoveries of the year

Annalee Newitz