Episode 17: Democracy and its discontents

In “The Waldo Moment,” an episode of  Black Mirror , a blue animated bear named Waldo becomes a weaponized political meme.

In “The Waldo Moment,” an episode of Black Mirror, a blue animated bear named Waldo becomes a weaponized political meme.

With the U.S. midterm election coming up, it's time to look at representations of democracy in science fiction. The genre is often skeptical or satirical when it comes to democracy--you can see this in everything from episodes of The Prisoner to the movie Idiocracy. But science fiction is also a testbed for dramatic re-imagingings of this political system, offering a hopeful look at a more egalitarian world. Our guest Malka Older, a human rights worker and author of the novel Infomocracy, talks to us about how to improve democracy with storytelling.

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Find out more about our guest Malka Older, author of Infomocracy, on her website.

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